Traditional Environmental Services
• Environmental regulation interpretation and application
• Environmental compliance auditing
• Air permit applications and strategic capacity/process planning
• Storm water permitting and inspections
• Waste disposal profile assistance
• Wastewater permitting-WPDES
• Construction waste-recycling management
• Waste reduction, reuse, and recycling programs
• Annual reporting for Teir II, Form R, etc

Environmental Business Management Services
Environmental Management System (EMS)
• Gap analysis
• Design
• Customization and implementation learning/training
• Post implementation measure development and management
• Green Tier application (usually included when we do implementation)
• Green Tier Functional Equivalency auditing
• Assistance with annual performance reporting for Green Tier
• ISO 14001 preparation reviews
• Trade organization service coordination
• Charter Agreement drafting and implementation assistance
• EMS and The Natural Step implementation development/training/coordination
• Sustainable development environmental footprint management-TBL management
Description: Our scope includes the broad base of environmental requirements for operating businesses but takes a wider view to help customers manage their entire environmental footprint. This approach changes their view of economic and environmental decisions they control to blend higher environmental performance with higher financial performance. It aligns their existing and potential environmental impacts with the business activities that create the impact. This new window allows the business planning process to “see” the opportunities that
co-exist with the activities that create them. This “view” promotes budgeting, planning, and implementation efficiency within the organization.

Because much of our current work is related to environmental management systems (EMS) within ISO 14001 and the Green Tier Program, it is centered in Wisconsin. That being said,
PEP has experience with ISO style EMS implementation in Central and Latin America, and the European Union countries.

also has experience developing sustainable development initiatives that link supply and product chains in North America, South America, Europe, China and Japan.

PEP can also support implementation of other performance programs (like CCC in Michigan and Performance Track at the federal level),

working with EPA, state, and local regulators to gain acceptance and recognition of environmental improvement through or in parallel with these programs.

can serve single site businesses or businesses with facilities in several states or several countries. We have demonstrated regional capacity and international Environmental experience and knowledge. Our environmental management capabilities include sustainable development (SD), environmental management systems (EMS), and The Natural Step (TNS).

As a foundation for these performance based programs,
PEP has the capability to assist customers with basic development programs in wastewater,
air pollution, and hazardous waste management.
We have the demonstrated capability to provide permit services for our customers that meet their production needs while improving the environment.

Our environmental footprint management services are offered to a variety of business sectors including manufacturers, agriculture, development and construction, towns and municipalities, financial institutions, legal services, and insurance companies.
PEP owners have provided several learning sessions to State of Wisconsin environmental regulators regarding EMS implementation and performance achievement.
Construction, Renovation and Residential Energy
• Residential Energy Star (WESH) Efficiency (New and renovation)
• Residential sealing construction techniques (New construction)
• Green Built-LEED-Climate Change
• Materials management (selection for construction-renovation reuse-recycling)
PEP capabilities include Wisconsin Energy Star Homes (WESH) certification and related home evaluation capabilities. These capabilities include inspection of home plans or the existing home, inspection of the home while the new envelope is being constructed or renovation performed, and providing energy and infiltration performance testing of the final home.
PEP also works with builders to explain the actual value of obtaining these certifications in terms they can use to promote their building techniques, businesses and their professionalism. We assist builders to achieve other available certifications through programs like LEED. Ultimately PEP turns the numbers into meaningful environmental performance related to energy savings, resource use reduction and GHG/climate change impacts. We teach home builders and owners to understand the climate change implications of their choices in materials of construction, site preparation methods, building sealing methods, appliance and infrastructure selections, and ongoing operational improvements.

We can assist our clients in documenting their energy efficiency qualification for certain tax incentives and credits based upon the performance achieved. Efficiency day-in day-out is what makes a sustainable business and a sustainable home (your life’s business). PEP works to provide performance across the board.

Materials Management

At PEP we assist home owners or construction businesses to reuse and recycle demolition materials whenever appropriate. By understanding the available markets and uses for these by-products we can avoid landfill of the deconstructed materials and building furnishings. It is important to realize when these materials may require decontamination or preparation to provide the greatest value to the new owner without creating real or perceived liability for the previous owner. Our expertise in asbestos and lead based material allows us to identify perceived or real issues within a responsible management plan. At PEP we can also define how manufacturing operations are creating direct process waste or otherwise used material waste, including pollution control device residues. Looking upstream in the process and at new technology we help our customers maximize their processes to the benefit of their bottom line, risk profile, and environmental performance.