Mission of Service

PEP will protect and improve the Environment by providing
our customers with the efficient and effective business
integrated environmental tools and services while we
operate PEP to lead by example.

Environmental Policy / Environmental Management System

Perfect Environmental Performance, LLC (PEP) is committed to complying with all regulations and exceeding the environmental performance the regulations could achieve. Our environmental performance measures will be related to our environmental footprint and Triple bottom line measures.

In addition, the services PEP performs will be based upon environmental compliance assurance and EMS methods whether required by contract or not. PEP will provide customers with both short and long range benefit through careful planning and delivery of services, particularly when those services direct others to perform actions and activities that have an environmental impact. PEP will implement an environmental management system that is functionally equivalent to ISO 14001 to serve as a platform to meet our stated commitments and continuously improve our environmental performance.

We will communicate and promote environmental improvement by ourselves and customers and require through our strategic partnerships and trade partner contracts that these principles are followed. We will publicly report our progress in reaching these goals and provide background to educate and help others attain improved performance whenever the information is not client confidential or of a confidential and strategic business development nature.

Goals and Strategies

1. Provide exceptional value at a fair price

2. Don’t overcharge or undersupply what the customer needs in order to meet our financial goals

3. Take the time to help our customers understand their
options for achieving the outcome and the value they
desire. Help them see improvement opportunities, set them up for success.

4. Try to be honest, open, and considerate everyday to
every person, customer or co-worker.

5. Act as if your word and your handshake was as good as
any written legal document.

6. Behave with a firm position of integrity but admit when
you are wrong.

7. Instill governance in financial, environmental, and
social activities.

8. Mix your work-life and your home-life to benefit both.
Behave responsibly in both.

9. Give back to our local neighbors and our planetary
community. They enable our business to exist.

Philanthropy, Governance, and Sustainable Development

Our policy describes that PEP owners will manage our business using an “environmental footprint” scope with triple bottom line measures. Woven into this statement are commitments to principles of financial, social, and environmental governance (ethics), thoughtful and equitable treatment of each other, our customers, and other affected parties and sharing our professional time and capabilities with our local and global community.

Governance and sustainable development will be achieved by written policies and stated practices. The main body of these practices will be maintained within the EMS supported by standard operating procedures (SOP’s). Philanthropy will be evidenced by internships and mentoring, providing professional services to other charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity, food pantries and others, and providing in-kind and monetary donations to promote education and training. PEP will also target poverty and disaster relief as opportunities for improvement assistance.

Business Overview

Perfect Environmental Performance is a business started from the bottom up. We are a women owner enterprise that brings 29 years of governmental experience, 35 years of industrial experience and 8 years of consulting experience to bear upon our customers needs.

By taking that expertise and supplementing it with strategic partnerships when necessary we focus upon our customers needs now and the needs they will have in the future. Through short and long term thinking we can enable our clients to set themselves up for lower cost, higher success projects when regulations or conditions change. To the maximum extent possible we vision with our customer to eliminate the regulatory, process, or operational conditions that will cause them to revisit today’s problem in the future.

By maintaining this focus we move PEP from a business emphasis based upon billable hours to an emphasis of providing performance for our customer. We are not a firm investors will look to in order to invest and grow their financial portfolio. We are a firm customers will look to work with because our strategic focus translates into the ability to serve customers with a high quality-low overhead structure and the ability to provide added value and custom services others won’t. We invest the extra time in our customers and services when needed to understand exactly what the customer is looking to achieve and then help them understand the options available to leverage even more value whenever possible. People that know PEP trust that we are looking out for their interests all the time, not just when it suits our financial or political needs like others may do. We work every day to continue to show that we are worthy of that trust and that we are on the path of continuous improvement.

Vision for our Customers
and Community

Being good environmental stewards by behavior that demonstrates that our customers needs and capabilities
are our first priority in every service we provide.