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Your Home is your personal business
• Managing the environmental footprint of your business or your home is important to your bottom line.
• Why would you consume resources or spend the money to purchase them if you did not have to do so?
• Financial performance and environmental performance are connected!

It is also where you relax, entertain, raise a family, and work. It is also your personal business! A house utilizes materials, energy, and other resources while it functions as your castle. Much like a business it relies on systems such as the structural system that supports it and the water, energy/fuel, and waste systems that sustain it. Why not optimize those systems? PEP has the optimization experience you need.

Home energy and
construction Services

PEP provides inspection and rating services to look at a new home before and during construction to assure that materials and methods achieve your energy efficiency goals. PEP also provides testing to certify the goal has been achieved and assistance to obtain certain substantial tax credits or rebates that are available. Your home as your business operates every day, why not make that business operate efficiently 365 days per year?
Environmental Management Systems
All businesses use environmental resources and create wastes. Often these activities go un-noticed by the other operating systems within a business even though they are interdependent with the environment that provides the resource or takes the waste. EMS’s allow the business to identify which of their activities uses materials or create waste, develop priorities and set a course of action for change. Measured outcomes assure known benefit received.

Core Business Systems
The foundation for managing your business is the systems that support them. Financial, human resources, purchasing and operations are all core systems within a business. Their function is to optimize use of money, labor, and raw materials while maintaining a safe work place and provide a necessary product or service. When these areas of expertise interconnect by communicating, working together and aligning with the businesses goals, continuous improvement in business efficiency is enabled.
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